Oh to be in NY 🍎🗽❤️


❗️Long Island Bound❗️
FINALLY! It’s been nearly a year since I’ve been in New York and I am in desperate need of some family time! beach time! and basically an all around refresher! ATL is amazing and my new city has truly been good to me BUT what I’m missing is just about all the people that mean the very most to me are north. The earliest flight I think I’ve ever booked but the excitement to come home was real! Made it to NY by 8am and felt instantly energized. NY has a way with you, a way to bring energy out of you that probably didn’t know was there.





💛”Thrifty Remake”💛


💛Yellow Shift Dress💛
The first of a “Series of Fortunate Events”…. When you come from a large and artistic family, you learn at a young age that some old things can be as good as new with a little refinishing. We absolutely LOVE “yard-saleing” (our word for shopping yard sales lol) and digging through thrift stores for hidden gems. With a stitch here and a trim there, you just might have yourself a show stopper at a fraction of the cost for a new piece. AND who doesn’t love a “custom look”?

When my grandma told me she was going through her closet and getting rid of old things, I insisted that she let me go through all of it before she donated them. Something in me told me that she would have at least a few pieces that I could put my own touch on. Finding WAY more than I few pieces, I’m excited to share the first of my “Thrifty Remakes”!

#SideNote…. Please forgive me for the lack of “before” pictures, I got a little ahead of myself and chopped this dress up before taking any pictures. All future “Thrifty Remakes” will have proper pictures to show the transformation of the piece. Allow your imagination to run free as I explain what a nightmare this dress was before I got my scissors on it! LoL

The yellow dress began as a tea length box! Eww! First of all, I HATE TEA LENGTH! I’m not sure why dresses are made at that length, aside from a grandma wearing them, it is just unacceptable! (Just my thoughts… Nothing personal to the tea-length lovers) Secondly, at my size and height, a dress will either hit the floor, hit in the knee area or a mini. The dress also had sleeves that nearly cut off the circulation in my arms elbow down. (Another strange length…) Obviously, I love a mini skirt/dress so I chopped off at least a foot of dress and handled those sleeves as well! Tadaa!! We now have the cutest little yellow shift dress!

As always, thanks for following and taking the time to see my little creations. Stay tuned for more “Thrifty Remakes”

Candace 💋

❗️What’s What❗️
Pearls from my own jewelry collection
Blue Polka Dot platforms from Torrid
Hair/Makeup by Me! (TARTE:face & lashes, MAC:”Ruby Woo” lip, Bobbi Brown: blush)



❤️🎀Reminiscing… YEAR ONE 🎀❤️


This has been without a doubt one of the most rewarding years of my life! I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to share my passion with you all through this blog. For many years I have been practicing my craft without documenting any of my work. When I finally got off my ass and got busy, I figured a blog would be the ideal way to share my love, my virtual portfolio! In a years time I have made some great contacts, styled a shoot for a website, done some projects to put my portfolio where I need it to be, moved to a new city where I feel the possibilities are endless and opened an ETSY shop. I am truly Blessed! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Please Stay Tuned! I have so many things up my sleeve that I can’t wait to share with you guys!

Treat Yourself in My Etsy Shop

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Candace 💋👑











🎀❗️Bootsie by Candace is Now on ETSY❗️🎀


As many of you may know, I am launching my skirt line late this summer; I have been working so hard to perfect my designs and finally share them with you all! But in the meantime, I figured why not do a little preview? So Bootsie by Candace is officially on ETSY.com!! 🙌😁 Etsy is such a great outlet for entrepreneurs to share their craft and help to promote their brands and I couldn’t be any happier to share my passion there as well.

The A-line skirt that is available on my Etsy shop is quite possibly my absolute favorite thing EVER! I am a “skirts and dresses” kind of girl, meaning for almost any occasion, I default to wear a skirt or a dress. The “a-line” silhouette works in favor of any body type, whether it is short or long, high waist or not, it just works! An A-line worn properly gives curves to the woman lacking in that department and shows off the most slim part of us plus sized ladies!

Go to Etsy.com and search “Bootsie by Candace” and grab yourself a skirt in either DENIM or BLACK or you can go ahead and cover all your bases and get Both! Skirts are “MADE TO ORDER” using your measurements to ensure the perfect fit. Fill out all necessary info at the order point and have your skirt shipped out to you within 3-5 business days! ALSO, there is a link in my shop to collaborate with me to get custom pieces made. I will be sharing items in the shop that I have previously made so that you can order those as well.

As always, THANK YOU for your support. And please stay tuned as I will be rolling out more new features to the blog, the launch dates for future projects and more all month long in Celebration of My One Year Anniversary!!!


Find me at
Etsy.com/shop/bootsiebycandace OR just search “Bootsie by Candace”



It’s My Anniversary 💋


The Start of My Dream Come True..

🎉🎉Happy One Year Anniversary to Bootsie by Candace🎉🎉

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to work in the fashion industry. When I was a little girl I could never put into words exactly what I wanted to do but I had in my mind an idea of not fully being a designer BUT still making people pretty. Years later that vague idea has turned into this blog that I can pour my love for fashion into, my dabbling in design and freelance styling to make women feel beautiful! How amazing is it that my dreams are actually unfolding in front of my eyes and to have the opportunity to share it with all of you certainly puts the icing on the cake!

I spent so many years sitting on my dream and working jobs that didn’t completely satisfy me. Occasionally falling back onto what I’m passionate about when the reality set in that I just turned 25 and I haven’t given my all into what I love. “What the hell am I waiting for?” So I pulled out all my notebooks filled with my scattered thoughts, sketch books and my notes to myself and got to work on making my dreams come true. To say that pulling together all these years of my scatterbrained thoughts was overwhelming is definitely an understatement. But no one said it would be easy, right? I set a date and held myself accountable. June 1st, 2014 would be the start of my Dream Come True, the beginning of Bootsie by Candace!

The Support:
Where would I be if it wasn’t for the support of my Incredible Family and Friends! I always say that I’m pretty sure that God picked out some of the world’s best people and placed them in my life. Building my little baby all funded by my own money has proven to be a task within itself. Thankfully, I’ve been known to be a “slight” clothing hoarder lol there was always a method to my madness! Cheers to my model friends, my gorgeous cousins, my impromptu MUAs, my photographer friends and everyone who takes the time to read my thoughts via my blog! Words couldn’t express my gratitude for your support given to me and my dream!

Freelance Stylist, Beauty Enthusiast & Design Dabbler:
As I’m going through all the final drafts of my blog and how exactly I would phrase who I am to the world I came up with a three part phrase; Beauty Enthusiast, Design Dabbler & Freelance Stylist! A Freelance Stylist because I am no longer attached to a company and it damn sure feels great to do what I love by my own terms and conditions. I truly LOVE helping women feel confident through helping them find their own personal style and teaching the tricks I’ve learned for what works for their body types. The Beauty Enthusiast part of phrase came from my love and curiosity about the world of beauty. Makeup for a long part of my life was either done improperly or an experience in which I was able to learn from (Thank God). And lastly, the Design Dabbler; design is my quiet escape from the world. With that being said, I like to say I “dabble” in design, as I either go on binges of drawing or have nothing in my mind to put onto paper.

I’ve been asked several times where the name “Bootsie”comes from and why I decided to name my brand that. Bootsie is my maternal grandmother’s nickname! She was such an inspiration to me and every person that she came in contact with was left with a lasting impression. Bootsie is name that represents faith, fearlessness, optimism and passion. In an effort to pay homage to one of the most influential women in my life, Bootsie by Candace was the name I chose to give to my baby, my life’s work and my true love.

Lord knows that I love any reason to celebrate! The month of June will be a month of celebrating the success of the first year for Bootsie by Candace! All month I will be introducing new things on the blog, looking back on my favorite moments from year 1 and an overhaul of the blog will also be revealed this month!

From the bottom of my heart and the pit of soul, I thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read my posts, the amazing feedback, the willingness to participate and for allowing me to share my passion with you. As my aunt Val would say, “I love each and every one of you and there is nothing you can do about it!” I look forward to sharing so much more with you guys, Please Stay Tuned!

Candace 💋
…..Year 1✔️

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The EXCITEMENT about summer time approaching is too real right now! Not only am I a True Pisces but I am from the most Gorgeous and Picturesque beach town in Long Island (obviously I’m biased). Being near the beach brings me pure joy and clarity in my most trying times. There is absolutely nothing more refreshing and relaxing than listening to the waves crashing onto the shore. The diva in me finds it absolutely necessary to be just as cute as any other day when going to the beach. Below I have put together a few beach day (or pool day) looks to share my happiness about summer with you all. ENJOY 💋

Cheers to Sunny Days, Summer Rainstorms, Beach Bummin’, Poolside Layin and Summer Nights ⚓️🔅⚓️






❗️Spring Staple Pieces AVAILABLE TO ORDER❗️

“Design Dabbler”…..
Design has been my quiet little escape from the world for almost as long as I can remember. The sketches weren’t always something I was proud to share but I understood my vision and that’s really all that mattered to me. I am the girl who would sketch the random things that came to my mind on whatever piece of paper (or napkin lol) around me. But being that I am probably one of the most scatter brained people on the face of the planet, the designs that come to surface are equally scattered… So I like to consider myself a “Design Dabbler”. I am by no means pushing out a line of greatness for each season BUT I “occasionally” binge sketch, typically followed by a “slight hiatus” from sketching. Sometimes these sketches come to life and some are just patiently waiting for the perfect moment with the perfect fabric.

As I announced in a previous post, the Bootsie by Candace originals from this little Spring Shoot are AVAILABLE TO ORDER!! (Aahhhhhh! SO Excited!) Nothing too crazy, just a few Spring staples that I’m basically obsessed with!
🔅floral print high waist palazzo pant
🔅breezy shorts
🔅floral print A-line skirt with matching crop top
❗️❗️❗️contact my via email to order these items❗️❗️❗️

In other news, I am SO Proud to announce the Launch of My Skirt Line late this summer! Anybody who knows me, would know that in my eyes skirts and dresses are appropriate for Any and ALL occasions. I have been working very hard to perfect my designs and find phenomenal fabrics to bring my vision to life and it’s FINALLY HAPPENING! The Bootsie by Candace skirt line will be available to purchase via special order (💌email me!) and offered from size SMALL-3xLARGE! EXACT LAUNCH DATE COMING SOON, Stay Tuned Loves💋


❗️❗️What’s What I’m the shoot!? ❗️❗️
Jewelry all from my own collection, the beautiful leather peace sign necklace worn by Muslima was made for me by my friend Carolina, hair and makeup by yours truly (Muslima did her own makeup… Flawless!), polka dot platform worn with palazzo pant from TORRID, blue wedge from Payless, fringe peace sign shirt is IRIS & NAVY, khaki vest from Old Navy and blue crop top American Dream.