Giving Back ❤️

Do you believe in signs? For the past few years I’ve wanted to figure out a way that I can give back. In the process of me trying to figure this out, a picture of these “Blessing Bags” kept popping up literally everywhere. Ziplock bags filled with a few necessities for a less fortunate person you may stumble across. BRILLIANT! Well of course I want to switch this idea up a little bit and fill handbags with personal items for less fortunate WOMEN! The objective is to give these women something that is just for themselves. Ideally, local charities will be the first target and from there who knows! I like to believe that no dream is too big to become reality. With that being said, one day I hope to give on a much larger scale and reach as many less fortunate women as we can. I alone can’t bring this vision to life so that’s where all of you come into the picture. Late summer 2016 will launch the first round of donations, I will announce the selected charity within the next month or so. Below is a list of specific items I’d like include in the handbags. If you have any of the following items and would like to donate to help a less fortunate woman, PLEASE contact me!

Items Needed:
-mini notebook, pens/pencils and calendars
-body wash/soap
-hand sanitizer
-hair products
-wash cloths/baby wipes

“Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you”

XOXO Candace