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Pinterest strikes again! lol I seriously can’t get enough of that damn site. It just has so much of everything I love in one place. There’s no way I’m the only one who binges on Pinterest, right? Heaven forbid there is a bottle of wine anywhere around when these binges start lol I go from just pinning to writing shopping lists. The latest wine and Pinterest binge resulted in these amazingly sexy Harness Bras😍 I’m OBSESSED!

!DIY Harness Bras!
Perfect new little accessory and they add so much sex appeal to any look you pair them with. I took pictures of mine with a super low cut top I made to show you the full harness bra. My mind is still going crazy with idea of different tops I can wear them with. I also like the idea of how these can replace a necklace for those looks that are tough to find the right necklace for. Lastly, they were SO cheap to make! I used 1/4″ elastic, split rings (for jewelry making) and sewed them by hand. After this first round, I learned a few things and decided I will adjust a few things the next time I make one. Planning on finding larger rings and I want to try a wider elastic. I’ll be sure to show you guys when I get around to making more.

In other news, I received my April Glam Bag from Ipsy.com! Why I haven’t known about something like this sooner is beyond me lol there are SO many subscriptions out there for many different interests. Needless to say, I’m pretty sure I’ll be signing up for a few more. Obviously I’ll keep you guys in the loop. This month’s Glam Bag included
-NOMAD eye shadow: Desert Sands
-Pūr~lisse Treatment Sheet Mask (2)
-TARTE lip crème: Wonder
-Elizabeth Mott blush: peach pink
-CROWN brush
AND another cute little cosmetic bag!
My Favs from the my April Clam Bag… NOMAD eye shadow, TARTE lip crème and the Elizabeth Mott blush! I’m a huge fan of a good blush and this peachy color is just gorgeous! TARTE is my favorite make up brand because I’m obsessed with most things that are all natural. I’m wearing my Elizabeth Mott blush, NOMAD eye shadow and TARTE lip crème from my Glam Bag. (Also used, TARTE powder foundation, brow gel and eyebrow pencil) I haven’t tried out the treatment mask because I’m pretty set on my routine BUT I will save it for a random “Pamper Myself Night” lol

Until next time my Loves,




💝Reasons I LOVE Ipsy.com💝


I got my first Ispy Glam Bag!! Yaayyyy! I’ve been so excited since signing up and basically checking my mail daily lol In case you are out of the loop like I was IPSY sends monthly shipment of customized cosmetic samples! For those of us who are still learning which products do and don’t work or if you just want to try out new products at a fraction of the cost in stores, I HIGHLY suggest checking it out. Love the fact that the products are just as random as I am and it’s packaged in pink! lol Do yourself a favor and check it out but in case you need more convincing, here’s why I’m Obsessed!

1. It’s only $10 each month!
It’s an inexpensive way to test out all of the things that I see in ULTA lol Each Glam Bag is surely valued at more than $10 and if you like the product, Ipsy.com has the products at a discounted rate. I also know for a fact that I waist more than $10 a month on things I have no need for.

2. Ipsy has some AMAZING brands!
The samples in the glam bags are all well known, high quality cosmetics. Many of my favorite brands are featured on Ipsy and I love that I get to try them out and not feel let down if it doesn’t work.

3. The element of surprise..
Who doesn’t love surprises? Ok, enough said.

4. Product samples are tailored to YOU!
This was one of the main selling features of Ipsy for me. When you sign up you create a profile, which includes a skin tone match, hair color/texture, skin type and other beauty preferences. Everything in my Glam Bag is something I would actually try out.

5. Because I am truly a Beauty Enthusiast!
…Meaning I love cosmetics but I am still learning so much about them. Clothing and accessories come natural to me BUT the world of cosmetics is rather complex. I started wearing makeup late in the game, before I got schooled on proper makeup technique, I wore lip gloss, black eye liner and mascara. My taste and skills have thankfully improved vastly lol I feel Ipsy is going to help me really explore things that I have yet to figure out with cosmetics.

My Glam Bag included
💋Marc Anthony Argon Oil Soothing Cream: Haven’t tried it yet only because I’m pretty set with a haircare routine. I’ll probably try it out closer to when I need a relaxer touch up. I usually get relaxers about every 3-4 months.
💋Beau Gachis Eye Shadow Brush: Love it! Great application and who doesn’t love to have new brushes.
💋TEMPTU Liquid Bronzer: Not the biggest fan of liquid bronzer.
💋NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick: Really bright color which I love! Applies almost like a lip stain, so it didn’t take very much to get a good amount of color.
💋OFRA “Green Go” Eyeliner: Great color! Expected it to be brighter but it’s kind of subtle.
ANNDDDD the Cutest little cosmetic bag!

Until next time and Happy First Day of SPRING☀️☔️🌺🌻🌹🌼🌞

XOXO Candace

What I’m wearing…
🔸TARTE foundation
🔸Bobbi Brown Blush
🔸Maybeline Mascara and Black Eye Liner
🔸TARTE Brow Pencil
🔸CoverGirl eye shadow
From my Glam Bag..
🔸applied my eye shadow with my Beau Gachis brush
🔸NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick
🔸TEMPTU Liquid Bronzer




🎀💝March Madness💝🎀


::March 4::
My oh my, I’ve turned 27! Only 3 years until 30 and surprisingly I didn’t have a melt down about my age lol I’m so incredibly blessed and I truly feel like I have the greatest people in my life! This was possibly my most relaxing birthday yet but I guess with age comes a different type of celebration. A late dinner with a few of my best ladies, a little shopping and A LOT of me time.. Successful Birthday Weekend.

“Isn’t it so exciting to know that some of our best years have yet to come..”
27 years later… This isn’t quite what I had in mind when I envisioned adulthood. Firstly, it’s SO much harder then what it looked like. Decisions have the capacity of being life changing, if I’m not conscious of the food I eat it seems to seep through my skin, if I party all night there is no way I’m moving in the morning AND bills are a bitch and they never stop coming! Over all, it’s pretty intense but the good definitely out weighs the bad lol On the upside, I’m in such a good place mentally and I’m really looking forward to what my future holds. “Adulting” is what you make it with a few tests to ensure you are growing along the journey. Although I still have a laundry list of things I still want to accomplish, now more than ever I’m sure I’m heading down the right path. So in the words of Beyoncé, “I dream it, I work hard. I grind ‘til I own it!” ❤️

Until next time,
Candace 💋

⭐️⭐️What I’m Wearing⭐️⭐️
Fedora: Target
White Burn Out Top: Forever 21
Pleated African Print Skirt: Bootsie by Candace
PeepToe/Slingback Wedge: TORRID
Deep V Neck Shirt: Forever 21
Jewelry all from my own collection





DIY Organic Beauty


February turned out to be quite the busy month for me and kept me away from here more than I intended to be. Couple of exciting things going on and I’ve been chasing down ways to continue to elevate my little baby business ❤️ 2016 is going to be a great year for Bootsie by Candace! So excited to announce that my logo is finally happening AND my blog is in the process of a facelift! I solicited the help of my friend and creative genius Lauren Thompson of ForeverFireflying. Seriously the cutest printables EVER on ETSY.com and she also helps us less technical people with web design. Using an old recipe that my grandmother (Bootsie) wrote out, Lauren totally nailed her handwriting for the logo and I’m counting down the days until I can share it with you all! Not much down time this month but I did manage to start sewing a few things in anticipation of Spring. (I’m so OVER the cold weather) Apparently the groundhog said we are ending this winter nonsense early and getting onto better, more warm days soon! We shall see if he keeps his word…

In other news, I’ve been doing some research in to natural beauty secrets and found myself in the grocery store. My goal is to replace as many of the products that I use with homemade all natural/organic versions. I am totally convinced that the products we use and the food we eat directly correlates to our overall health. In my opinion, my generation is not as healthy as our parents were when they were in their 20s. I can remember as a child, my grandmother and aunts using kitchen products for their beauty needs. Years later, they still use these tried and true methods and still remain youthful in more ways than one. Time for me to hop on board!

I narrowed down my grocery list to the 5 products that appeared on almost every DIY beauty recipe. I chose these 5 “products” because they all aid with my personal skin concerns. Everyone has different skin types so some of my recipes may not be beneficial to you but the great thing about this “Go Natural” business is that you can customize to your own needs! I started this process by getting familiar with the health benefits of each item.
1. Raw Honey: anti-fungal, antioxidant, antibacterial and scar fader
2. Baking Soda: gentle exfoliant and whitener for teeth
3. Hydrogen Peroxide: teeth whitener (mixed with baking soda)
4. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother): all natural toner, tightens skin and all around greatness in a bottle! (MANY health uses for this stuff!)
5. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: total body moisturizer and wrinkle reducer (leaves skin feeling baby smooth lol)

I’ve been using Noxema as my daily face cleanser and at first it zapped any and every possible pimple/blemish off of my face. Typically, I only break out around that dreadful time of the month lol But for the past few months, those annoying breakouts have managed to happen more frequently. I have been using an apricot face/body scrub since forever (usually a generic brand) and I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t have a moisturizer. I use a Burt’s Bees toner and the occasional face mask that I randomly pick up from the hair store. That about sums up my “Beauty Regiment”. I gota do better…

With my new beauty supplies I decided to replace my daily cleanser, toner, body/face scrub and makeup remover. All the recipes are below, hope you guys try some out or create your own! I’ve been using my new homemade skin care for about 3 weeks now and I couldn’t be any more happy with the results! I use my toner before I shower (I don’t want to smell like vinegar all day lol), the cleanser I use morning and a night and the body scrub 3 times each week.

⭐️Apple cider vinegar toner
-1 part ACV
-1 part water

⭐️MakeUp Remover
-coconut oil
*Rub small amount on skin and wipe off with cotton swab or cloth (cut up an old tShirt to make reusable cloths)

⭐️Moisturizing Cleanser
-1 part Baking soda
-1 part Raw Honey
-3 parts Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
*In a circular motion, rub cleanser onto dry face/neck, let sit for a minute or 2. Rinse face with warm water and a cloth.face will feel oily but it will adsorb into skin quickly. (I chose not to use an additional moisturizer with this cleanser)

⭐️Body Scrub
-Coconut oil
-White Sugar
*fill up container with desired amount of sugar for scrub, I added some honey and ALOT of coconut oil. I’d estimate about an 80/20 ratio of coconut oil and sugar.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Store ALL products at room temperature⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cheers to Good Health and Living Well!





Hello there!

If you are on the east coast and you are reading this, WE MADE IT! lol The entire damn winter showed up in one fun filled weekend. Something about the 65 degree Christmas told me that this would happen, I just really hoped that it wouldn’t snow for 36 hours straight! In the end, a grand total of 3 feet of snow and if that didn’t thrill me enough, VDOT closed off my entire neighborhood for 2 days! Of all the snow storms I’ve lived through, this one is surely one for the books. Needless to say I had to get creative with my time…

Day 1: Friday
A lot of sleeping, wine drinking and bitching lol couldn’t quite come to terms with the nonstop snowing ….Netflix binging also took place here.

Day 2: Saturday
Still snowing BUT at this point I may as well embrace the fact that I’m stuck home for (x) amount of days. Found some Zumba videos and a beginners yoga class on YouTube and turned my little place into a work out studio! Go Me! 😭💪 Spent the rest of the my day reading magazines, catching up on Fashion Week and adding to my vision board!

Day 3: Sunday
Sunday FUNday! Not really lol The snow FINALLY stopped late Saturday night so after a morning pep talk (and a little prayer) I bundled up and began digging myself out. MAJOR workout lol shoveling is hard freakin work! 3 hours later and I decided it was time to reward myself with a drink and call it a day. Keep in mind, my neighborhood is still closed at this point and I haven’t seen a plow truck since Friday…More Netflix please!

Day 4: Monday
Decided to venture to my car (across the street parking) and see what the odds were of me returning to work tomorrow. Snow the entire way was at least to my knees and at times even higher. Got to my car, had a small panic attack lol and went back home. There was NO Way I could dig it out. Being that I haven’t done my hair or touched any makeup in days at this point, I figured it was a good time to start my new “blog series”… #DressUpDiaries

Confession: I’ve never outgrown the love of playing dress up.
I rarely buy complete outfits and I buy shoes/accessories that sometimes don’t have a “mate” yet. I guess I just buy things I like and that fit me well. With my music blasting, I love to play around with possible looks for myself and play with old pieces that I want to wear again but in a different way. Bouncing between all my very different pandora stations, you can see in the pictures what I was listening to with each look lol Started with my favorite guy Fabolous, then switched to reggae and ended with David Guetta radio. My taste in music is as outside of the box and random as I am.

Day 5: Tuesday
Another day off from work but WE ARE ALMOST FREE!! Think I’m gona take a ride around town today just because I can lol Its funny how I had no plans this weekend but knowing I couldn’t come and go as I please, made me want to get out everyday. Plow trucks started last night and were still working this morning. Thinking I should go offer a meal and water to ensure that they stick it out. I WANT OUT!

Synopsis… Snow:2 Candace:3
A few weak moments lol but I made it and made the best of my time alone at home. Got a lot of work done and was able to set up a few things I have been pushing aside. Also, I officially started my journey to become a Yogi! (Love that word lol) Always been really intrigued by yoga and I’m totally convinced that the people who do it are among the healthiest people. This is the first of many in the #DressUpDiaries 😘 Oh Yeah, I started another “Thankful Jar” because why not count up life’s good moments to help ease the bumps in the road!

***Disclaimer: All activities ended with or involved wine drinking or spiked coffee✌️🍷☕️

Until next time..
XOXO, Candace

???What I’m Wearing???
-Baby blue peasant dress from NY&Co. (wore if for my bday pics last year)
-Button down printed maxi skirt from Forever 21
-black sheer top from H&M
-Blue silk zip up hoodie is DKNY from Bloomingdales (at least 7 years old and never worn)
-Soft pink wedge peep toe heels from Torrid (Black Friday Buy!)
-fur vest from Target (Black Friday Buy!)
***jewelry all my own and face BEAT by Me! (TARTE foundation, Maybelline mascara, Bobbi Brown blush, CoverGirl lipstick and eye shadow)








What a time to be ALIVE!


I know, I know… It’s been far too long! I’ll have you know that there aren’t many things that I’ve ever missed as much as I’ve missed this blog and sharing my madness with you guys! Let’s see.. A season has come and gone, winter was on an extended vacay (didn’t mind that at all!) the holiday season has been tucked away and here we are midway through the first month of a New Year! I hope all of you enjoyed the holidays as much as I did with my loved ones. No more disappearing acts, Promise!

Can’t say that I’ve created a list of resolutions just took a minute to acknowledge what did and did not work out so well last year. I’ve known for a very long time what I aspired to accomplish in my life, so nothing has changed there! Same old Candace lol just working to become an even better version of ME! My one NEW objective for the year is attacking this burning desire I have to give back! I’ve finally figured out a way to give back to women in a way that reflects what is so near and dear to my heart. Lord knows I’m all about women’s empowerment; I needed a way to show love to those women who are going through tough times and give them a little something that’s just for them. Working out the final kinks of this project so I can announce it and get this thing moving! Just know, I will be soliciting LOTS of help lol fair warning.

My “To Accomplish” list is pretty short and sweet
1. Maintain Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit
2. Continue building “Bootsie by Candace”
3. Save More Money

During my absence I relocated! I am again a resident of the DM(V)! Back in my old stomping grounds with some of the greatest friends a girl could ask for and significantly closer to home (NY)! Made the bitter sweet decision to pull the plug on ATL and the transition was…..well, a bit challenging. However, I am happy to say I moved into the CUTEST studio and I am loving the process of making it my own AND not living from bags 🙂 #GypsyLife lol not really but kinda. Needless to say, I’ve decided to sit my ass still! ….For now 🙂 Moving is hard freakin work, living in 3 states in less than 10 years is a bit much for even me.

Can’t wait to show you guys some of the decorating DIY projects I’ve been working on; making this tiny place work for a “slight hoarder” is definitely going to take some creativity lol I’ve been here for about a month now and so far I’ve put up a rod for a makeshift extra closet, as closet space was a sacrifice I made moving here. Yea, Me, with limited closet space. Ha! Found these “Ikea-like” shelves on a Facebook yard sale site for FREE! Coincidentally, the woman was getting rid of all of her furniture because she was packing up a car to move out of state. (Definitely pulled that same stunt when I moved to ATL) When I first came back to VA and realized just how much I got rid of before my ATL move, I was slightly depressed. I sold or gave away just about all of my furniture 😦 Then it hit me, I am in the perfect position to start from scratch and redecorate! YAY!! A DIY calendar and my 2016 Vision Board were SO necessary! Vision Boards are basically one of my all time favorite things, EVER. It’s such a great way to keep yourself on track and an excellent motivator! Next DIY to tackle… a headboard and custom curtains!

Cheers to the New Year and the adventures sure to come! Until next time my loves.





67 Step Beach 🗽🍎❤️


….Never Settle
Haunting words but for whatever reason those two little words together form such a valuable and venerable part of who I am. I live on a constant quest for happiness and along my quest I have found a few places that allow me put things into perspective. Some I have found along my quest and others have been apart of me for as long as I can remember. “67 Step” beach is truly precious to me, a hidden gem that tourists haven’t quiet figured out yet. (Thank The Lord! lol) No phone signal here, which in this day and age scares the hell out of most people! But when clarity is what you need, cutting all outside distractions can be priceless.

A Pisces in every since of the zodiac, my mind does amazing things when I am close to water. My spirt is at peace and my mind is free. Things that hurt become clear lessons, my faith has it’s way with the worry and doubt and my dreams become vivid plans. I can’t imagine what a wreck I would be if I hadn’t discovered the importance of having my own tranquil place to meditate.

The Soul Searching Gypsy aka Candace lol In under 10 years I have lived in 3 states, come across life changing opportunities, been in love (at times out of love lol), traveled, started a business and made my fair share of mistakes along the way. Thankfully SO much growth has happened! There have been times were I seemed to be closer to giving up than reaching my objective. Once I get my shit together, I take a step back and ask myself who the hell told me it would be easy? Nobody! BUT I have heard that it will be worth it! As patience is not one of my virtues, I have learned to appreciate my “quest” and realize the hurdles along the way are merely lessons that need to be learned.

With all that being said.. I’ve completed one of my yearly “rituals”! Spent a few hours at my happy place disconnected from everything and everyone.
Reevaluate where I stand!
Recognize the mistakes I’ve made!
Form a plan of action!
Pray on It!
Get to Work!
My hope is that everyone knows a place where they have the opportunity to think clearly. Mine is appropriately placed in my favorite place, Long Island NY!

“A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor”


#OutfitDetails #MakeUpFree #FreshFace
Old Navy Pants, H&M crop tank, Dolce Vida Sandals, Charming Charlie Anchor Charm Necklace