💝Reasons I LOVE Ipsy.com💝


I got my first Ispy Glam Bag!! Yaayyyy! I’ve been so excited since signing up and basically checking my mail daily lol In case you are out of the loop like I was IPSY sends monthly shipment of customized cosmetic samples! For those of us who are still learning which products do and don’t work or if you just want to try out new products at a fraction of the cost in stores, I HIGHLY suggest checking it out. Love the fact that the products are just as random as I am and it’s packaged in pink! lol Do yourself a favor and check it out but in case you need more convincing, here’s why I’m Obsessed!

1. It’s only $10 each month!
It’s an inexpensive way to test out all of the things that I see in ULTA lol Each Glam Bag is surely valued at more than $10 and if you like the product, Ipsy.com has the products at a discounted rate. I also know for a fact that I waist more than $10 a month on things I have no need for.

2. Ipsy has some AMAZING brands!
The samples in the glam bags are all well known, high quality cosmetics. Many of my favorite brands are featured on Ipsy and I love that I get to try them out and not feel let down if it doesn’t work.

3. The element of surprise..
Who doesn’t love surprises? Ok, enough said.

4. Product samples are tailored to YOU!
This was one of the main selling features of Ipsy for me. When you sign up you create a profile, which includes a skin tone match, hair color/texture, skin type and other beauty preferences. Everything in my Glam Bag is something I would actually try out.

5. Because I am truly a Beauty Enthusiast!
…Meaning I love cosmetics but I am still learning so much about them. Clothing and accessories come natural to me BUT the world of cosmetics is rather complex. I started wearing makeup late in the game, before I got schooled on proper makeup technique, I wore lip gloss, black eye liner and mascara. My taste and skills have thankfully improved vastly lol I feel Ipsy is going to help me really explore things that I have yet to figure out with cosmetics.

My Glam Bag included
💋Marc Anthony Argon Oil Soothing Cream: Haven’t tried it yet only because I’m pretty set with a haircare routine. I’ll probably try it out closer to when I need a relaxer touch up. I usually get relaxers about every 3-4 months.
💋Beau Gachis Eye Shadow Brush: Love it! Great application and who doesn’t love to have new brushes.
💋TEMPTU Liquid Bronzer: Not the biggest fan of liquid bronzer.
💋NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick: Really bright color which I love! Applies almost like a lip stain, so it didn’t take very much to get a good amount of color.
💋OFRA “Green Go” Eyeliner: Great color! Expected it to be brighter but it’s kind of subtle.
ANNDDDD the Cutest little cosmetic bag!

Until next time and Happy First Day of SPRING☀️☔️🌺🌻🌹🌼🌞

XOXO Candace

What I’m wearing…
🔸TARTE foundation
🔸Bobbi Brown Blush
🔸Maybeline Mascara and Black Eye Liner
🔸TARTE Brow Pencil
🔸CoverGirl eye shadow
From my Glam Bag..
🔸applied my eye shadow with my Beau Gachis brush
🔸NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick
🔸TEMPTU Liquid Bronzer





🎀💝March Madness💝🎀


::March 4::
My oh my, I’ve turned 27! Only 3 years until 30 and surprisingly I didn’t have a melt down about my age lol I’m so incredibly blessed and I truly feel like I have the greatest people in my life! This was possibly my most relaxing birthday yet but I guess with age comes a different type of celebration. A late dinner with a few of my best ladies, a little shopping and A LOT of me time.. Successful Birthday Weekend.

“Isn’t it so exciting to know that some of our best years have yet to come..”
27 years later… This isn’t quite what I had in mind when I envisioned adulthood. Firstly, it’s SO much harder then what it looked like. Decisions have the capacity of being life changing, if I’m not conscious of the food I eat it seems to seep through my skin, if I party all night there is no way I’m moving in the morning AND bills are a bitch and they never stop coming! Over all, it’s pretty intense but the good definitely out weighs the bad lol On the upside, I’m in such a good place mentally and I’m really looking forward to what my future holds. “Adulting” is what you make it with a few tests to ensure you are growing along the journey. Although I still have a laundry list of things I still want to accomplish, now more than ever I’m sure I’m heading down the right path. So in the words of Beyoncé, “I dream it, I work hard. I grind ‘til I own it!” ❤️

Until next time,
Candace 💋

⭐️⭐️What I’m Wearing⭐️⭐️
Fedora: Target
White Burn Out Top: Forever 21
Pleated African Print Skirt: Bootsie by Candace
PeepToe/Slingback Wedge: TORRID
Deep V Neck Shirt: Forever 21
Jewelry all from my own collection