DIY Organic Beauty


February turned out to be quite the busy month for me and kept me away from here more than I intended to be. Couple of exciting things going on and I’ve been chasing down ways to continue to elevate my little baby business ❤️ 2016 is going to be a great year for Bootsie by Candace! So excited to announce that my logo is finally happening AND my blog is in the process of a facelift! I solicited the help of my friend and creative genius Lauren Thompson of ForeverFireflying. Seriously the cutest printables EVER on and she also helps us less technical people with web design. Using an old recipe that my grandmother (Bootsie) wrote out, Lauren totally nailed her handwriting for the logo and I’m counting down the days until I can share it with you all! Not much down time this month but I did manage to start sewing a few things in anticipation of Spring. (I’m so OVER the cold weather) Apparently the groundhog said we are ending this winter nonsense early and getting onto better, more warm days soon! We shall see if he keeps his word…

In other news, I’ve been doing some research in to natural beauty secrets and found myself in the grocery store. My goal is to replace as many of the products that I use with homemade all natural/organic versions. I am totally convinced that the products we use and the food we eat directly correlates to our overall health. In my opinion, my generation is not as healthy as our parents were when they were in their 20s. I can remember as a child, my grandmother and aunts using kitchen products for their beauty needs. Years later, they still use these tried and true methods and still remain youthful in more ways than one. Time for me to hop on board!

I narrowed down my grocery list to the 5 products that appeared on almost every DIY beauty recipe. I chose these 5 “products” because they all aid with my personal skin concerns. Everyone has different skin types so some of my recipes may not be beneficial to you but the great thing about this “Go Natural” business is that you can customize to your own needs! I started this process by getting familiar with the health benefits of each item.
1. Raw Honey: anti-fungal, antioxidant, antibacterial and scar fader
2. Baking Soda: gentle exfoliant and whitener for teeth
3. Hydrogen Peroxide: teeth whitener (mixed with baking soda)
4. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother): all natural toner, tightens skin and all around greatness in a bottle! (MANY health uses for this stuff!)
5. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: total body moisturizer and wrinkle reducer (leaves skin feeling baby smooth lol)

I’ve been using Noxema as my daily face cleanser and at first it zapped any and every possible pimple/blemish off of my face. Typically, I only break out around that dreadful time of the month lol But for the past few months, those annoying breakouts have managed to happen more frequently. I have been using an apricot face/body scrub since forever (usually a generic brand) and I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t have a moisturizer. I use a Burt’s Bees toner and the occasional face mask that I randomly pick up from the hair store. That about sums up my “Beauty Regiment”. I gota do better…

With my new beauty supplies I decided to replace my daily cleanser, toner, body/face scrub and makeup remover. All the recipes are below, hope you guys try some out or create your own! I’ve been using my new homemade skin care for about 3 weeks now and I couldn’t be any more happy with the results! I use my toner before I shower (I don’t want to smell like vinegar all day lol), the cleanser I use morning and a night and the body scrub 3 times each week.

⭐️Apple cider vinegar toner
-1 part ACV
-1 part water

⭐️MakeUp Remover
-coconut oil
*Rub small amount on skin and wipe off with cotton swab or cloth (cut up an old tShirt to make reusable cloths)

⭐️Moisturizing Cleanser
-1 part Baking soda
-1 part Raw Honey
-3 parts Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
*In a circular motion, rub cleanser onto dry face/neck, let sit for a minute or 2. Rinse face with warm water and a cloth.face will feel oily but it will adsorb into skin quickly. (I chose not to use an additional moisturizer with this cleanser)

⭐️Body Scrub
-Coconut oil
-White Sugar
*fill up container with desired amount of sugar for scrub, I added some honey and ALOT of coconut oil. I’d estimate about an 80/20 ratio of coconut oil and sugar.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Store ALL products at room temperature⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cheers to Good Health and Living Well!




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