Hello there!

If you are on the east coast and you are reading this, WE MADE IT! lol The entire damn winter showed up in one fun filled weekend. Something about the 65 degree Christmas told me that this would happen, I just really hoped that it wouldn’t snow for 36 hours straight! In the end, a grand total of 3 feet of snow and if that didn’t thrill me enough, VDOT closed off my entire neighborhood for 2 days! Of all the snow storms I’ve lived through, this one is surely one for the books. Needless to say I had to get creative with my time…

Day 1: Friday
A lot of sleeping, wine drinking and bitching lol couldn’t quite come to terms with the nonstop snowing ….Netflix binging also took place here.

Day 2: Saturday
Still snowing BUT at this point I may as well embrace the fact that I’m stuck home for (x) amount of days. Found some Zumba videos and a beginners yoga class on YouTube and turned my little place into a work out studio! Go Me! 😭💪 Spent the rest of the my day reading magazines, catching up on Fashion Week and adding to my vision board!

Day 3: Sunday
Sunday FUNday! Not really lol The snow FINALLY stopped late Saturday night so after a morning pep talk (and a little prayer) I bundled up and began digging myself out. MAJOR workout lol shoveling is hard freakin work! 3 hours later and I decided it was time to reward myself with a drink and call it a day. Keep in mind, my neighborhood is still closed at this point and I haven’t seen a plow truck since Friday…More Netflix please!

Day 4: Monday
Decided to venture to my car (across the street parking) and see what the odds were of me returning to work tomorrow. Snow the entire way was at least to my knees and at times even higher. Got to my car, had a small panic attack lol and went back home. There was NO Way I could dig it out. Being that I haven’t done my hair or touched any makeup in days at this point, I figured it was a good time to start my new “blog series”… #DressUpDiaries

Confession: I’ve never outgrown the love of playing dress up.
I rarely buy complete outfits and I buy shoes/accessories that sometimes don’t have a “mate” yet. I guess I just buy things I like and that fit me well. With my music blasting, I love to play around with possible looks for myself and play with old pieces that I want to wear again but in a different way. Bouncing between all my very different pandora stations, you can see in the pictures what I was listening to with each look lol Started with my favorite guy Fabolous, then switched to reggae and ended with David Guetta radio. My taste in music is as outside of the box and random as I am.

Day 5: Tuesday
Another day off from work but WE ARE ALMOST FREE!! Think I’m gona take a ride around town today just because I can lol Its funny how I had no plans this weekend but knowing I couldn’t come and go as I please, made me want to get out everyday. Plow trucks started last night and were still working this morning. Thinking I should go offer a meal and water to ensure that they stick it out. I WANT OUT!

Synopsis… Snow:2 Candace:3
A few weak moments lol but I made it and made the best of my time alone at home. Got a lot of work done and was able to set up a few things I have been pushing aside. Also, I officially started my journey to become a Yogi! (Love that word lol) Always been really intrigued by yoga and I’m totally convinced that the people who do it are among the healthiest people. This is the first of many in the #DressUpDiaries 😘 Oh Yeah, I started another “Thankful Jar” because why not count up life’s good moments to help ease the bumps in the road!

***Disclaimer: All activities ended with or involved wine drinking or spiked coffee✌️🍷☕️

Until next time..
XOXO, Candace

???What I’m Wearing???
-Baby blue peasant dress from NY&Co. (wore if for my bday pics last year)
-Button down printed maxi skirt from Forever 21
-black sheer top from H&M
-Blue silk zip up hoodie is DKNY from Bloomingdales (at least 7 years old and never worn)
-Soft pink wedge peep toe heels from Torrid (Black Friday Buy!)
-fur vest from Target (Black Friday Buy!)
***jewelry all my own and face BEAT by Me! (TARTE foundation, Maybelline mascara, Bobbi Brown blush, CoverGirl lipstick and eye shadow)









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