What a time to be ALIVE!


I know, I know… It’s been far too long! I’ll have you know that there aren’t many things that I’ve ever missed as much as I’ve missed this blog and sharing my madness with you guys! Let’s see.. A season has come and gone, winter was on an extended vacay (didn’t mind that at all!) the holiday season has been tucked away and here we are midway through the first month of a New Year! I hope all of you enjoyed the holidays as much as I did with my loved ones. No more disappearing acts, Promise!

Can’t say that I’ve created a list of resolutions just took a minute to acknowledge what did and did not work out so well last year. I’ve known for a very long time what I aspired to accomplish in my life, so nothing has changed there! Same old Candace lol just working to become an even better version of ME! My one NEW objective for the year is attacking this burning desire I have to give back! I’ve finally figured out a way to give back to women in a way that reflects what is so near and dear to my heart. Lord knows I’m all about women’s empowerment; I needed a way to show love to those women who are going through tough times and give them a little something that’s just for them. Working out the final kinks of this project so I can announce it and get this thing moving! Just know, I will be soliciting LOTS of help lol fair warning.

My “To Accomplish” list is pretty short and sweet
1. Maintain Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit
2. Continue building “Bootsie by Candace”
3. Save More Money

During my absence I relocated! I am again a resident of the DM(V)! Back in my old stomping grounds with some of the greatest friends a girl could ask for and significantly closer to home (NY)! Made the bitter sweet decision to pull the plug on ATL and the transition was…..well, a bit challenging. However, I am happy to say I moved into the CUTEST studio and I am loving the process of making it my own AND not living from bags πŸ™‚ #GypsyLife lol not really but kinda. Needless to say, I’ve decided to sit my ass still! ….For now πŸ™‚ Moving is hard freakin work, living in 3 states in less than 10 years is a bit much for even me.

Can’t wait to show you guys some of the decorating DIY projects I’ve been working on; making this tiny place work for a “slight hoarder” is definitely going to take some creativity lol I’ve been here for about a month now and so far I’ve put up a rod for a makeshift extra closet, as closet space was a sacrifice I made moving here. Yea, Me, with limited closet space. Ha! Found these “Ikea-like” shelves on a Facebook yard sale site for FREE! Coincidentally, the woman was getting rid of all of her furniture because she was packing up a car to move out of state. (Definitely pulled that same stunt when I moved to ATL) When I first came back to VA and realized just how much I got rid of before my ATL move, I was slightly depressed. I sold or gave away just about all of my furniture 😦 Then it hit me, I am in the perfect position to start from scratch and redecorate! YAY!! A DIY calendar and my 2016 Vision Board were SO necessary! Vision Boards are basically one of my all time favorite things, EVER. It’s such a great way to keep yourself on track and an excellent motivator! Next DIY to tackle… a headboard and custom curtains!

Cheers to the New Year and the adventures sure to come! Until next time my loves.






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