💛”Thrifty Remake”💛


💛Yellow Shift Dress💛
The first of a “Series of Fortunate Events”…. When you come from a large and artistic family, you learn at a young age that some old things can be as good as new with a little refinishing. We absolutely LOVE “yard-saleing” (our word for shopping yard sales lol) and digging through thrift stores for hidden gems. With a stitch here and a trim there, you just might have yourself a show stopper at a fraction of the cost for a new piece. AND who doesn’t love a “custom look”?

When my grandma told me she was going through her closet and getting rid of old things, I insisted that she let me go through all of it before she donated them. Something in me told me that she would have at least a few pieces that I could put my own touch on. Finding WAY more than I few pieces, I’m excited to share the first of my “Thrifty Remakes”!

#SideNote…. Please forgive me for the lack of “before” pictures, I got a little ahead of myself and chopped this dress up before taking any pictures. All future “Thrifty Remakes” will have proper pictures to show the transformation of the piece. Allow your imagination to run free as I explain what a nightmare this dress was before I got my scissors on it! LoL

The yellow dress began as a tea length box! Eww! First of all, I HATE TEA LENGTH! I’m not sure why dresses are made at that length, aside from a grandma wearing them, it is just unacceptable! (Just my thoughts… Nothing personal to the tea-length lovers) Secondly, at my size and height, a dress will either hit the floor, hit in the knee area or a mini. The dress also had sleeves that nearly cut off the circulation in my arms elbow down. (Another strange length…) Obviously, I love a mini skirt/dress so I chopped off at least a foot of dress and handled those sleeves as well! Tadaa!! We now have the cutest little yellow shift dress!

As always, thanks for following and taking the time to see my little creations. Stay tuned for more “Thrifty Remakes”

Candace 💋

❗️What’s What❗️
Pearls from my own jewelry collection
Blue Polka Dot platforms from Torrid
Hair/Makeup by Me! (TARTE:face & lashes, MAC:”Ruby Woo” lip, Bobbi Brown: blush)