❗️Spring Staple Pieces AVAILABLE TO ORDER❗️

“Design Dabbler”…..
Design has been my quiet little escape from the world for almost as long as I can remember. The sketches weren’t always something I was proud to share but I understood my vision and that’s really all that mattered to me. I am the girl who would sketch the random things that came to my mind on whatever piece of paper (or napkin lol) around me. But being that I am probably one of the most scatter brained people on the face of the planet, the designs that come to surface are equally scattered… So I like to consider myself a “Design Dabbler”. I am by no means pushing out a line of greatness for each season BUT I “occasionally” binge sketch, typically followed by a “slight hiatus” from sketching. Sometimes these sketches come to life and some are just patiently waiting for the perfect moment with the perfect fabric.

As I announced in a previous post, the Bootsie by Candace originals from this little Spring Shoot are AVAILABLE TO ORDER!! (Aahhhhhh! SO Excited!) Nothing too crazy, just a few Spring staples that I’m basically obsessed with!
🔅floral print high waist palazzo pant
🔅breezy shorts
🔅floral print A-line skirt with matching crop top
❗️❗️❗️contact my via email to order these items❗️❗️❗️

In other news, I am SO Proud to announce the Launch of My Skirt Line late this summer! Anybody who knows me, would know that in my eyes skirts and dresses are appropriate for Any and ALL occasions. I have been working very hard to perfect my designs and find phenomenal fabrics to bring my vision to life and it’s FINALLY HAPPENING! The Bootsie by Candace skirt line will be available to purchase via special order (💌email me!) and offered from size SMALL-3xLARGE! EXACT LAUNCH DATE COMING SOON, Stay Tuned Loves💋


❗️❗️What’s What I’m the shoot!? ❗️❗️
Jewelry all from my own collection, the beautiful leather peace sign necklace worn by Muslima was made for me by my friend Carolina, hair and makeup by yours truly (Muslima did her own makeup… Flawless!), polka dot platform worn with palazzo pant from TORRID, blue wedge from Payless, fringe peace sign shirt is IRIS & NAVY, khaki vest from Old Navy and blue crop top American Dream.







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