My MakeUp Story…
When I was a little girl, I can distinctly remember my Nana telling me that if I began wearing makeup too soon that my skin would be gross and I would develop a true need for it. That statement only needed to be said once and it instilled enough fear in me to last years! So with that fear in my mind and having a mother who wears eye liner, mascara and Chapstick to church only, I never really knew how to properly wear makeup. Fast forward to my rebellion in middle school…. the bold white top liner, a possible outfit corresponding shadow and enough gloss on my lips to share with a few friends. (I’ve definitely seen better days! LoL) Thankfully high school came along and I got passed that, for the most part. (then came heavy black liner and still enough gloss to share LoL). I began working for Bloomingdales and I can remember observing all of my coworkers looking totally Glamorous with their makeup and I decided I wanted that polished look too! I only knew 2 things about what I wanted from my makeup.
1. I wanted an even looking complexion!
2. No matter what, I didn’t want to feel the makeup on my face!

As I walked aimlessly through the cosmetics department, it was probably obvious my anxiety was mounting, thankfully I was stopped by a Bobbi Brown MUA and asked what I wanted in my makeup. She introduced me to tinted moisturizer; for the last 7 years I have been completely set with tinted moisturizer and what it did for my skin. I didn’t think I would ever switch my makeup regimens but sadly, my skin apparently changed. I started to look extra oily by the end of the day, my skin began to break out more frequently and I knew I needed a change. I’ve become a skeptic of basically all things that are not Organic and/or All Natural, so I was really hoping to find something that would give me what I needed and still fall into these “new” standards of mine. I found myself in ULTA looking for a makeup savior…. TARTE for the WIN! ❀️

Firstly, All TARTE products are made without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, synthetic fragrances and are even gluten free! (YES, Please!) Also, the company is vegan friendly. TARTE was started by a woman who wanted her makeup to be all natural, help your skin become and/or remain healthy with cute packaging. Many products have anti aging components and the products are infused with some of the most naturally healthy things found on the planet, such as pomegranate, gogi, vitamins, maracuja, Amazonian clay among others! Everything about TARTE works for me, a brand started by a woman βœ”οΈ all natural products βœ”οΈ not heavy on my skin βœ”οΈ minimal effort to get a Flawless look βœ”οΈ competitively priced (considering what you get) βœ”οΈ TARTE for the WIN, yet Again! ❀️

maracuja creaseless concealer $24
Went back at a later date to purchase this concealer and I couldn’t be more happy that I did! On most days I don’t use it but when I do my skin is absolutely flawless! The coverage it provides is incomparable to anything I’ve ever used! No flakes, no creases, lightweight AND waterproof! Not much is needed and it covers every blemish my skin decides to throw at me.

maracuja oil $46/$75
Within a week I could tell that this oil was making a difference in my skin! I grew up using oils to moisturize my skin but in recent years I have had trouble finding one that doesn’t clog up my pores and ultimately leaving me with more break outs. This oil not only leaves my face feeling softer but I can actually see that it isn’t sitting on the top of my skin. My skin has gotten brighter since I started to use it as well! I apply more frequently than suggested (morning/night) and will continue to do so. I am a TRUE fan of this oil!

the buffer airbrush finish bamboo foundation brush $32
OBSESSED! Yes, this brush is on the pricey side. But I’ve never been more satisfied with the finish a brush gives. Somehow it is not only exceptionally soft against your skin but it also works as a “buffer” for the product. I apply my CC primer in certain areas of my face and in a circular motion I blend it into my skin with this brush.

colored clay CC primer $36
Although it is a primer, I use it for my full face coverage and I LOVE it. I love that I feel like absolutely nothing is on my face when I wear it. It does a great job covering my blemishes and the bags under my eyes without concealer if I choose to do so. My skin has almost a matte finish after applying the CC primer which I find looks more natural. The primer stick has 3 different pigments on it, your skin tone color, a purple color which helps to brighten your skin and a green which corrects and covers your blemishes. HIGHLY Suggest giving this primer a try!

airblush maracuja blush $26
Love a good blush! Fell in love with a sample I received with my online order and decided to purchase the product. Doesn’t feel like an added layer of makeup and blends well with my CC primer.

lights, camera, flashesβ„’ statement mascara $23
A vitamin infused mascara that gives me all the drama I love my lashes to have! I’m typically a fan of the curves brushes on mascara but this dual sided brush certainly does the trick! It lengthens my lashes while curling them taking away the need for a lash curler.

Amazonian clay waterproof brow pencil $20
Probably the best brow pencil I’ve ever purchased! The Amazonian clay blends perfectly with your brows and gives a more natural look. It’s waterproof and once you apply, no touch ups are necessary for the remainder of the day. The actual liner is super thin which I love and another great little feature on the opposite end of the liner is a brow brush to blend in the clay and “control” your brow hair.

… In a nutshell, I LOVE TARTE!




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