Black Fashion Icons: Oliver Rousteing, Leader of the BALMAIN ARMY


Creative director for BALMAIN and Leader of the “BALMAIN Army” Olivier Rousteing is etching his name in the history of fashion with every campaign he runs! It is truly fascinating and motivating for me when I look at someone so young making such Major Moves in the cut throat world of fashion, where many talents remain unseen. Rousteing took control of the BALMAIN fashion house at the age of 25 after working as the assistant the brands former creative director. Born in Bordeaux, France, he set out at the age of 18 on a mission for success, dropping out of law school because he was “bored and wanted to live an exciting life”. Rousteing spent 5 year working in Italy for Roberto Cavalli and left on a leap of faith to join BALMAIN. Rousteing brings a new flair to the brand while holding onto what made the brand great. A true admirer of the body, every collection from BALMAIN gives you the courage to flaunt your body while wearing some of the most luxurious textured fabrics available. With it’s growing popularity since Rousteing took control, BALMAIN is seen on practically every red carpet and worn by some of the greatest entertainers in the industry. Defying all odds, Rousteing is one of the youngest people ever to have the opportunity entrusted in them to run one of Paris’ elite fashion houses!

Cheers to the Black Fashion Icons… Past, Present and Future!



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