Miss Universe 2015

Nothing quite like Brains & Beauty! The Miss Universe Pageant is a platform in which these stunning women have the opportunity to make a difference by sharing their humanitarian efforts, striving to make difference within their communities as well as for the rest of the world! The women who have the opportunity to compete are savvy and goal oriented role models for young women all over the world. Each of young woman has a unique story to tell and the opportunity for us to get a taste of their cultures. I’m a true FANATIC about different cultures, just truly fascinated by all of the different ways of life, the unique physical features we all have and by what is important to each of us based on where we come from. The Top 5 Finalists included Miss USA Nina Sanchez, Miss Columbia Paulina Vega, Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell, Miss Ukraine Diana Harkusha and Miss Netherlands Yasmin Verheijen. And Miss Columbia took the title of Miss Universe Sunday night! Aside from all else these women do that truly inspires me, Miss Universe makes me want to find a reason to buy a beautiful ball gown and get Super Glam for at least one night a year! (Newly added to my to-do list… Find a ball gown and an event to wear it to! ASAP) 89 women from 88 countries competed and these are the top five…

Miss Columbia Paulina Vega is a 22-year-old student at the Universidad Javeriana in Bogota and is majoring in business administration. Paulina is the 2nd young woman to take home the Miss Universe crown from Colombia! She graduated from a German school in Colombia and speaks English and French. Paulina from Barranquilla, Colombia has been a model since she was 8 years-old and belongs to a big family with four sisters and three brothers.










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