“The Elephant in YOUR Room”

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance…
-Oscar Wilde

In the start of the New Year many women (myself previously guilty of this) find themselves making false promises to themselves, promises disguised as “resolutions”… New Year, New Me! Let’s be real ladies, how many people keep these promises to themselves and why is it necessary for us to wait for the turn of a year to commit to a healthy lifestyle? After all, there is no time like the present! The journey to transform to a healthy lifestyle can easily be one of the hardest things to dedicate yourself to but I don’t know if there is anything more worth doing for yourself. To obtain a Healthy Mind and Body is something to Strive For, a Constant Effort and something to Take Pride In!

“You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens…” -Louise Hay

The media in today’s society can be a constant reminder of our self perceived imperfections. From the women on the covers of magazines to the women in our favorite TV shows, they all seem to have bodies that are a distant hope of what reality is for the vast majority of us. For that reason I find it imperative to set a realistic standard for your own life, MINUS the overshadowing of comparisons. Set attainable goals for maintaining your healthy lifestyle which will inevitably lead to a healthy body and peace of mind. STOP trying to mold yourself into what is advertised as healthy and looks good. START with an understanding of who YOU are and what is actually achievable for your body! Be true to who you are and at all costs, Please refrain from comparisons to others! Perfection isn’t possible, remember that. So slow down and take it easy on yourself! Don’t be in such a rush to change everything about yourself, begin your journey with a real appreciation and love for yourself. It’s more than enough people in the world who will criticize you, don’t to join their team.

“Comparison is an act of violence against the self” -Iyanla Vanzant

As I always say, fashion is one of the truest forms of personal expression; the way to show the world who we are without having to speak. What are you telling us about you? Ladies, we MUST learn to promote a healthy body image. I don’t believe in waiting until we reach our “goal weight” to wear clothes that look good or buying clothes in anticipation of our “future body”. Your current body needs love too, your current body is still the only body you will have. What if your “healthy self” isn’t that size 4 purchased in anticipation for the new you? Buying ill fitting clothes will leave you permanently dissatisfied with your body, whether you are that size 4 you’ve been dreaming of or your current size 12. Cultivate those curves if you have them, while striving to accomplish your body “alterations”. #FashionFact A model (editorial & runway) is between the sizes 0-4 and a plus size model is between 6-14! In the real world, that correlates to between the sizes 0-2 being “average” with sizes 4+ being “plus size”. YIKES! Stop comparing what you should be to these few women, I can’t think of anything more demotivating and discouraging. Being comfortable in the skin you are in no matter your size is at the Upmost Importance! Hell, if it makes you feel better, cut the sizes out of your clothes! Style has No Size! Life is a journey and it’s worth looking good on the way!

“Embrace and Love your body. It’s the most Amazing thing you will Ever own.” -Unknown

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make “alterations” to your body. But no matter the physical flaws we may see in ourselves, if you aren’t happy with you no one else will be happy with you and they may even find it difficult to recognize your beauty that Already Exists. Confidence is Key! Who cares how many times you failed (if someone is keeping track, they need to find a hobby!) How many times can you bounce back? I don’t think I have ever been the “skinny girl”, I’m pretty sure I don’t remember the size 10 being in my closet ever. My weight has been a roller coaster ride for as long as I can remember. Sure there has been times where I’ve looked in the mirror and thought “We gota get it together girl!” (I could definitely stand to drop a few now lol) but I pride myself in being content with who Candace is and I Love the Curvy Candace! My mission is to live a healthy lifestyle without losing who I am. Now that we have addressed this “Elephant in the Room” I invite you to celebrate who you are as I do! The trick to it all… you have to believe it! And when you finally, truly believe in your own beauty, there isn’t really anything anyone can say to convince you otherwise! When YOU Celebrate your individuality, Everyone around you will have no choice but believe it too! Never forget just how Truly Beautiful you are, Flawed and Fabulous xoxo

“A woman filled with Self Love and Self Acceptance is a model more Super than Any cover girl.” -Amy Leigh Mercree

Live, Love and Dare to Be Different,

Pictures used for this open letter were graciously donated to me from each of these Gorgeous Women. Thank You Ladies for being apart of My Dream!












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